12 Bloopers to Avoid in Job Interviews

March 20, 2013

In the course of my academic career, I’ve been interviewed for junior and senior faculty positions as well as for administrative posts like the provostship I now hold. I have also been on more search committees than I care to count. Over time, I’ve observed (at least) a dozen bloopers to avoid at all costs in job interviews.

1. Good question, but now let me answer the question I wish you had asked. When you receive media training, you learn a technique called “bridging.” The idea is that, in an interview with a reporter, you briefly (perhaps super-briefly) answer the question that was asked and then bridge to the point you really want to make. In that way, you appear to have heard and paid attention to the journalist’s question but get the opportunity to say what you really want to say.

Read the rest of the bloopers in The Chronicle of Higher Educationphoto by Brian Taylor

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