Health and Fitness Club makes a comeback

February 15, 2013

At the start of her first semester at MIT Sloan, Yscaira Jimenez, MBA ’14, an avid athlete, wanted to create a Capoeira martial arts club for MIT Sloan students interested in learning more about the sport. With the help of classmate Lior Paritzky, MBA ’14, she broadened the scope of her plan, and the two resurrected the Health and Fitness Club for all MIT students. The club is now co-lead by Jimenez and Paritzky and started with just 30 students. Word quickly spread and by the end of the fall semester, 50 students had joined. The pair hopes to offer a variety of activities and events to the community and turn unhealthy habits into healthy and fit lifestyle changes that students will sustain the rest of their lives. Continue reading the article on News@MITSloanphoto by Sarah Foote

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