Institute-Wide Task Force aims to sketch the MIT education of the future

February 19, 2013

President L. Rafael Reif has announced the creation of an Institute-Wide Task Force on the Future of MIT Education, saying that the stunning rise of online learning may “offer us the historic opportunity to reinvent the residential campus model and perhaps redefine education altogether.”

In an email message today to the MIT community, Reif said that he has charged the panel — to be co-chaired by Professor Sanjay Sarma, director of digital learning, and Israel Ruiz, executive vice president and treasurer — with completing a preliminary report in approximately six months, and a final report in roughly one year. Sarma and Ruiz will select individuals from across MIT to serve on the Task Force.

Reif wrote in his charge to the Task Force that American higher education is currently in the midst of “disruptive changes,” with many students struggling to afford higher education even as colleges and universities are straining to cover the cost of providing that education. At the same time, he noted, rapid advances in online teaching are making it feasible to offer highly effective instruction to millions of learners at comparatively low cost — wherever in the world those individuals are located.

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