David Sengeh gives back to Sierra Leone

January 14, 2013

Motivated by his personal experience with the horrors of the Sierra Leone civil war, David Moinina Sengeh is working at the MIT Media Lab to improve prosthetic limbs. In Sierra Leone many people don’t wear their prosthetic limbs because the hard plastic sockets don’t fit well. Sengeh has been working to produce custom-fitted, yet affordable, sockets. Last spring, Sengeh created a program called Innovate Salone to foster creativity among high-school students in Sierra Leone. Innovate Salone includes a mentorship program and a set of workshops where Sierra Leone’s youth can get help in developing their ideas. The idea was to “get people in the community to think about innovations that they can embrace, to have a positive impact on society [and] to get high-school kids around the country to think about a problem, and how to solve it.”  Read the full article at MIT News.

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