Avoid the Fiscal Cliff!

December 4, 2012

Going off the so-called “fiscal cliff” will have major consequences for MIT graduate students.  Potential losses in tax deductions for higher education will have a sweeping effect on low and middle class students.  Sweeping cuts to education funding will deeply erode several programs in the sciences, the humanities, and other fields.  Projected reductions of funding in various could result in thousands of fewer grants with an estimated $12.1B loss in federal research and development.  Cuts to the NSF alone could dramatically affect the more than 140,000 people supported through their funding.

Ultimately, this means fewer people employed at universities, less research taking place, possible increased costs for graduate student loans  and long-term effects on the economic prosperity and innovation capacity of this country.  Stand with the MIT Graduate Student Council and sign the petition to protect America’s investment in graduate student research.  The GSC invites you to get the word out (write your colleagues, you classmates, your friends, your Facebook, your tweets, etc.) to help avoid the fiscal cliff.  Join the 3.8 million graduate and professional students in this country, and make our voice heard!

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