Master Students Thesis Workshops

October 19, 2012

Xiaolu Hsi, Ph.D, will be hosting a workshop entitled “Staring Down the Blank Screen – the Psychology of Thesis Writing for Master’s Students,” designed to help master’s students who will be writing a thesis as a part of their degree requirement.  Topics to be discussed are the essentials of thesis writing, self-direction, accessing support (like a thesis advisor, peers, and writing resources), time management, stress and sleep management, productivity, anxiety-induced procrastinating, as well as other interpersonal issues related to the thesis process.  These workshops will take place at MIT Medical Mental Health and Counseling Services on Monday afternoons at 5:00pm (dates available when you call 3-2916 to sign up).  There is a limit of 10 to 15 per workshop; a follow up session is available upon request.  For questions, email

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