Meet the MIT Summer Research Program 2012 Interns! (video)

October 24, 2012

The MIT Summer Research Program (MSRP) provides nine exciting weeks of intensive research experience to undergraduates considering graduate school. This past summer, 39 interns conducted research in 14 different departments, working in labs under the guidance of experienced scientists and engineers who are MIT faculty members, postdoctoral fellows, and advanced graduate students. Nineteen of the host labs were new to the program, joining over 250 faculty members who have been key to MSRP’s success since it began. MSRP seeks to promote the value of graduate education; to improve the research enterprise through increased diversity; and to prepare and recruit the best and brightest for graduate education at MIT. Students who participate in this program will be better prepared and motivated to pursue advanced degrees, thereby helping to sustain a rich talent pool in critical areas of research and innovation. Click “Read more” to see a great video about this past summer, or visit the MSRP page on the ODGE website.

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