Michaël Bikard, Sloan PhD candidate, on new science-based inventions Oct. 17

October 16, 2012

Michaël Bikard, from MIT Sloan and the Center for Biomedical Innovation will present a talk entitled “Technology Spawning and the Genesis of New Science-Based Inventions” beginning at 3 p.m., Wednesday, October 17, in E25-401. New scientific knowledge sometimes remains underutilized as compared to its technological potential. The talk will examine two views of the process of science-based invention at the level of the knowledge-producing organization.

In one, widespread access to the new scientific knowledge is crucial, and the academic environment therefore fosters invention. In the other, control is paramount and scientific research conducted in firms leads to more new technologies. Analysis of follow-on inventions, based on 39 simultaneous discoveries between academia and industry involving 90 teams and cited in 533 patents, indicates that a scientific publication originating from a firm is 20-30 percent more likely to be cited in follow-on patents than its academic twin. Contrary to the idea that ease of access plays a crucial role, inventors that did not take part in the discovery appear more likely to draw their knowledge from firms rather than from the “Ivory Tower.” Read the rest of the article on News@MITSloan.

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