Your Official Job-Application Checklist

October 26, 2012

For the novice, the logistical challenges of an academic job search can be exasperating, especially when dozens of applications are involved. Getting things right (providing the correct materials, from CV to sample syllabi, in the style and form most sought by a particular search committee) and submitting the application on time (via sometimes complicated e-interfaces) are never as easy as they may sound on initial prospect. It follows that obsessiveness is a good quality in applicants for tenure-track positions. Most fields (although not all subfields) are buyers’ markets. With hundreds of candidates—many of them highly qualified—for one position in, say, 20th-century American literature, harried committees are often looking for some way to narrow the pool. A missing item (like Page 2 of your teaching-philosophy statement), a late upload (because you put off doing it until the midnight of the deadline and your hard drive crashed), or even a typo on the sixth paragraph of your cover letter may get you passed up before you’re even fully considered. So details matter. All the more reason to get the materials and the procedures right. Read the rest of the article on The Chronicle of Higher Education.  photo by Brian Taylor

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