We Met in Graduate School

September 27, 2012

I had never considered Kenny Loggins an instigator of reflection until I watched several generations of academics and their relatives gyrate to “Footloose” at a recent wedding reception. My wife and I, American historians and tenured at the University of Notre Dame, bounced vigorously on arthritic knees and rickety ankles, glad that the music hid our creaks. Next to us, several twenty-somethings boogied with a fervor born of cake, beer, and the special innocence that comes from not having been alive when people actually danced to “Footloose” with a straight face. My 8-year-old daughter completed the age-group tableau, pinballing through the crowd doing twirls and a move that resembled an impact lawn sprinkler. My thought? In an atmosphere of extreme peril for those seeking academic employment, two of my graduate students had gone and upped the level of difficulty by getting married. To read the rest of Coleman’s article, visit The Chronicle of Higher Education.

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