Have an opinion? PTAC wants to hear it!

September 6, 2012

The Presidential Transition Advisory Cabinet (PTAC), made up of students from around the Institute, has been charged with providing the student persepective to MIT’s 17th President, L. Rafael Reif, as he develops a vision for the Institute’s future; to do this, the PTAC needs to hear from students.  The PTAC will cover several topics during its 6-month process, the first being the MIT educational experience.  To collect student input, the PTAC has created a concise, accessible, and anonymous form for students to complete at http://web.mit.edu/committees/ptac/ (under “Feedback”) and are also committed to holding one-on-one meetings with any student at MIT that wants to share their perspective (further details can be found on the website).  Photo by Dominick Reuter

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