A love letter to MIT

September 18, 2012

I received my bachelor’s from Wellesley College (‘06), master’s from Boston University (‘08), master’s from Harvard University (‘08), and will be receiving my doctorate from Harvard; but it’s you, MIT, that has made the biggest impact on my life — academically, socially, and personally. And for that, I love you. You have succeeded in making a positive impact not just on your immediate family members, but you have touched the lives of people who are only a mere part of your extended network. You made yourself an open playground. Literally, your buildings are always open. You can easily find an open classroom for students and friends to gather to brainstorm startup ideas. This is quite different from Harvard where even if you are a student, you are often met with locked doors…  To continue reading this opinion piece by Debbie Liu, a graduate student at Harvard University, go to The Tech Online Edition.

One thought on “A love letter to MIT

  1. I fallen in love with MIT . and now I wanna be part of MIT as student . I wanna to stay with MIT. I wanna to spend my whole life for MIT as computer engineer . so any can help me ….

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