5 Grad Students to Attend Global Young Scientists Summit@one-north

August 21, 2012

Five MIT graduate students and three post-doctoral fellows were selected to attend an international multi-disciplinary research summit in Singapore. The Global Young Scientist Summit@one-north is an international meeting of bright young researchers, Nobel laureates and eminent scientific leaders, providing a great professional development opportunity for participants. This year’s theme will be “Advancing Science, Creating Technologies for a Better World.” Participants will attend lectures and plenary sessions with scientific leaders and then engage in small group interaction sessions and masterclasses with speakers. There will also be opportunities for cultural events. This year’s invited participants are: Agata Wiśniowska in Health Sciences and Technology; Nirmala Paudel in Biological Engineering; Qinxian (Chelsea) He in Aeronautics and Astronautics; Tea Zakula in Architecture; and Wen Sang in Mechanical Engineering. The post-doctoral fellows consist of: Thomas Crouzier in Biological Engineering; Erik J. Wilhelm in Mechanical Engineering; and Huaxing Zhou in Chemsitry.

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