SOE Award for Grad Student Teaching Goes to Chelsea Humbyrd

July 31, 2012

A School of Engineering award honoring extraordinary teaching and mentoring by a graduate student went this year to CEE’s Chelsea Humbyrd. One nomination letter said: “Though many TAs can boast a mastery of the material they are responsible for teaching, Chelsea Humbyrd is one of the few who combines this mastery with the ability to effectively communicate with students. Chelsea’s consistent, thorough work for the class and her commitment to her students make Chelsea the most effective TA we have encountered in our four years at MIT … More impressive is Chelsea’s ability to connect with students in person. For many students, face-to-face time with a teaching instructor is extremely valuable. She is capable of distilling the essence of any engineering concept and presenting it in a clear, effective manner to a large group of students.” Read the original article here.

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