Shea and Tikoo Published in Science Magazine

July 27, 2012

Presidential Fellows Erin Shea and Sonia Tikoo recently co-authored “A Long-Lived Lunar Core Dynamo.” This paper, also co-authored by Ben Weiss and Tim Grove, appeared recently in Science Magazine. Their research suggests that the moon had a much longer lived molten core than previously thought. As stated on MITnews: “The new paper is the latest piece in a puzzle that planetary scientists have been working out for decades. In 1969, the Apollo 11 mission brought the first lunar rocks back to Earth — souvenirs from Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin’s historic moonwalk. Since then, scientists have probed the rocky remnants for clues to the moon’s history. They soon discovered that many rocks were magnetized, which suggested that the moon was more than a cold, undifferentiated pile of space rubble. Instead, it may have harbored a convecting metallic core that produced a large magnetic field, recorded in the moon’s rocks.” The full paper, published January 2012, can be found on the Science websiteImage by NASA.

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