Fluffy CV’s and Cluttered Ones

June 22, 2012

In an early episode of The Office, Jim and Pam prank their co-worker, Dwight, by writing a mock résumé that casts his various manias as positive traits. “Gun nut,” for instance, translates as “sticks to his guns.” Eventually, they post the document online to various job sites, and Dwight receives an interested call from a competing paper company. He is excited and flattered, but, worried the prospective employer hasn’t seen his official résumé, he forwards an appendix of special skills along with the details of his martial-arts training. Despite Dwight’s insistence that “about a billion Asians” consider his yellow belt relevant, he’s not ultimately offered the position.

Our CV’s are rarely as misleading as Jim and Pam’s euphemisms or as misguided as Dwight’s addendums, but for many graduate students and younger scholars it is a real challenge to balance clarity and comprehensiveness, polish and accuracy. Read more of the article by George David Clark at The Chronicle.

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