Taking flight at Boeing

April 30, 2012

Jason Chen

Leaders for Global Operations (LGO) students spend six months interning with partner companies around the globe as part of their dual degree requirements for the Schools of Engineering and Management. Jason Chen, LGO ’12, interned for The Boeing Company at their new manufacturing plant in Charleston, S.C., where he used his engineering and management acumen to improve manufacturing operations on the shop floor. The Charleston plant assembles mid-body fuselages for the entire 787 program. Boeing has 870 orders for the aircraft, so Chen was tasked with finding ways to make the assembly work more efficient, faster, and of higher quality. “As a person who loves airplanes, mechanical systems, and building things, it was fun to crawl inside of the aircraft and watch as it came together,” he said. “While the 787’s engineering design is impressive, I was curious about how the manufacturing system organizes thousands of people, parts, and processes to build such a complex product in a short time.”  Continue reading the article on News@MITSloan. photo by Sarah Foote

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