Birds of a feather flock together

April 10, 2012

Caribbean Pelicans

At the wildly-successful MBA Charity Auctions last semester students bid on big-ticket items like professional sports tickets and shopping trips to New York. But one lucky student bid on and won a group hug from the Caribbean Pelicans. It went for $50 and the winner scored an embrace with six MBA ’12 students. Group hugs are what the Pelicans, a close-knit group, are known for. The Pelicans are just one of several teams in the Caribbean Cohort, or “ocean.” At the start of the MIT Sloan MBA program, all students are divided into oceans and then divided further into multiple teams, to support their success in the first-semester MBA Core. The Core teams, assigned by the MIT Sloan administration, are designed to be as diverse as possible. The students spend nearly three-and-a-half intense months together, but then typically disband and go their separate ways after the Core ends.  photo by Amy MacMillan

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