Akbulut Halatci, Choudhury, Aiello, Hashmi and Joshi Win the Future

October 21, 2011

Future Faculty FellowsThree MIT graduate students (Nada Hashmi of Sloan, Clarice Demarchi Aiello of NSE, Gauri Joshi of EECS),  one MIT graduate alumna (Ozge Akbulut Halatci of DMSE), and one MIT visiting professor (Charisma Choudhury of CEE) are currently Schlumberger Foundation Faculty for the Future Fellows. These fellowships are awarded to women academics in science and engineering from developing and emerging countries, and provide funding for advanced graduate study at top universities abroad. Launched in 2004, the program has a long-term goal of generating conditions that result in more women pursuing doctorate and post-doctorate studies in scientific disciplines. The MIT-affiliated fellows represent a outstanding cohort of talented women scientists as follows.

Nada Hashmi (Graduate student, Sloan School of Management/Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurs); Research Focus: healthcare information and communication technologies to help city hospitals communicate with village clinics in developing and emerging economies

Gauri Joshi (Graduate student, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science); Research Focus: quality-of-service of wireless communication networks

Clarice Demarchi Aiello (Graduate student, Nuclear Science and Engineering); Research Focus: experimental quantum computing using lattice defects in diamond

Ozge Akbulut Halatci (PhD 09′, Materials Science and Engineering); Research Focus:diagnostic devices and nanofabrication for rural clinics

Charisma Choudhury (Visiting Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering); Research Focus; modelling travel behavior using mobility data from cell phones and GPS devices


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