MechE PhD Alumnus Norman Fortenberry Executive Director of ASEE

October 15, 2011

FortenberryDr. Norman Fortenberry, Mechanical Engineering PhD Alumnus ’91, and a longtime leader in education scholarship who has held senior positions at the National Science Foundation and National Academy of Engineering, has been appointed Executive Director of the American Society for Engineering Education.

One thought on “MechE PhD Alumnus Norman Fortenberry Executive Director of ASEE

  1. Please forward to Dr. Norman Fortenberry: Sir, you did hit the nail on the head in your statements about engineering being a team sport. Blacks are usually not included in the successful teams while others prosper because of their inherent inclusion. Be those inclusions real because of White Privilege or the Asian Advantage, they truly exist. Inclusion and excellence in educational pursuits is not a subject for reward in the AA community hence little drive is made from within to push this avenue. While, it is to the contrary in the sports field and the results speaks volumes to those drives and values.

    Thank you,
    DL Thomas

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