PhD Alumna Lisa Dyson Founder and CEO of Kiverdi

October 15, 2011

Physics PhD Alumna Dr. Lisa Dyson ’04 is the founder and CEO of Kiverdi, a company whose goal is to develop alternative fuels and bio-products that reduce reliance on petroleum, lowers carbon dioxide emissions, and has the ability to realistically meet growing energy demands without impacting the economics of food production or posing a threat to natural habitats. Dr. Dyson has conducted research in Bioengineering and Physics, including energy research, at Stanford University, UC-Berkeley, Princeton University, the UC-San Francisco, MIT, and the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratories. Dr. Dyson has a PhD in Physics from MIT, where she conducted research in String Theory, was a Fulbright Scholar at the University of London, where she received an MS in Physics with an emphasis in Quantum Fields and Fundamental Forces, and has degrees in Mathematics and Physics from Brandeis University.

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