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July 31, 2011

NASA Goddard Summer Interns: Danielle Wood

Danielle Wood is a doctoral candidate at MIT in the Engineering Systems Division and a NASA intern. At MIT she studies aerospace engineering, technology policy and international development. She now applies her research to all of these areas to study the technical and programmatic challenges of new satellite programs. Throughout her career, Danielle has had many diverse experiences with NASA as an intern, guest researcher, graduate fellow, contractor and Student Ambassador. She currently serves as an intern at Goddard in the Innovative Partnerships Program and at NASA Headquarters in the Office of the Chief Technologist. The mission of her current internship is to consider new ways that NASA technology spin-offs can be deployed for the benefit of developing countries. Read more

July 20, 2011

Alone With Schubert and 2 Flying MIT Robots

As Pilobolus continues its 40th-anniversary season at the Joyce Theater, the group, which started in 1971 and is named after a fungus, is — by the looks of it — working hard to maintain its playful edge. For its third program of the season, Pilobolus also offered the New York premiere of “Seraph,” a short piece with a long list of creators. In it Matt Del Rosario is joined by two X-shaped robots — they dart about the stage like alien wasps — prettified by bright, sometimes flashing, lights. Choreographed with the engineers, programmers and pilots of the M.I.T. Distributed Robotics Laboratory, “Seraph” is credited to Robby Barnett, Molly Gawler, Ms. Jaworski and Itamar Kubovy in collaboration with the laboratory (directed by Daniela Rus) and the former and current M.I.T. Ph.D. students William Selby, Brian Julian, Daniel Soltero, Andrew Marchese and Carrick DetweilerRead the rest of the article in The New York Timesphoto by Andrea Mohin

July 13, 2011

ESD PhD candidate Danielle Wood featured in NASA video

NASA recently created a video profile of ESD Doctoral Candidate Danielle Wood’s research at MIT on trends in the use of satellite-based technologies for needs in developing countries, and her role as an intern at NASA.  To view the video click here.