ESD PhD candidate Jordan presents energy research at African Presidential Roundtable

June 20, 2011

MIT Engineering Systems Division PhD candidate Rhonda Jordan recently attended the African Presidential Roundtable in Mauritius, themed “21st Century Energy Agenda for Africa.” Jordan gave a brief talk about her research, which focuses on power system development and electrification planning in developing countries in a case study of Tanzania, and discussed its relevance to the future of energy in Africa. The presentation took place at the University of Mauritius and included several former heads of state, including Presidents Thabo Mbeki from South Africa, Joaquim Chissano from Mozambique, Cassam Uteem and Karl Offman from Mauritius, Frederick Sumaye from Tanzania and Amani Abeid Karume from Zanzibar. The rest of the article is available on MITnews.  photo by Rhonda Jordan

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