Write your proposal

Use the information below as a checklist for submitting your proposal. See also Follow the guidelines for additional details about the grant process.

Do your homework

Think through your plan and its implications.

  • Can you imagine any liabilities such as a potential for people to be hurt or damage to property? How can you plan to reduce risk?
  • Does your proposal involve another student group or MIT office? Make sure to reach out to them to secure their participation in your proposal

If your event or activity will include any of the following, it must be registered via Atlas. Please refer to the Institute Events policy.

  • you are expecting more than 100 attendees at an event
  • more than 20% of attendees are not members of the MIT community
  • events are cosponsored with a non-MIT partner
  • alcohol will be served (please note that grant funds may not be used to purchase alcohol, however it may be served at your event)
  • there will be entertainment
  • minors will be in attendance

Please note that special policies apply when you are using MIT funds to rent a car or will screen a movie.

Write your proposal

Complete the proposal form. If you have questions, please contact grants staff at gslg [at] mit [dot] edu.

If you are planning an event, be sure to consult the Event Planning Guide for students published by the Campus Activities Complex & Student Activities Office. For large events, the Institute Event Planning Guide is a comprehensive resource.

Include a budget

See sample budget with cost guidelines. You may also use this optional budget template if you find it useful. Be sure to include:

  • Total funding requested
    Note any additional sources of funding, including grants from other offices, departmental funding, and ticket revenue.
  • Detailed breakdown of how funds will be spent
    • number of participants
    • number of events
    • cost of publicity
    • cost of food and beverages
    • cost of local transportation
    • cost of materials and services
    • budget for police detail and licensing fees, as necessary
  • If you have an MIT account number you are using for this project, include it along with the account supervisor. Please note: your MIT student ID is not an account number; be sure to ask if you have questions.
See also: Follow the guidelines