Graduate Student Life Grants

Since 2002, the Graduate Student Life Grants program has been a successful request-for-proposal process that invites graduate students, spouses, faculty, and staff to submit creative ideas that kick-start community-building projects.


For the 2019-2020 academic year, the GSLG program invites only proposals for projects that foster positive student – faculty interactions at the group, department, or inter-departmental level. Some possible examples include mentoring programs, communication workshops, and student-faculty networking events. Proposed ideas can be student-centered, faculty-centered, or student/faculty-centered.

Who can apply

Anyone interested in fostering positive student faculty interactions can apply, including graduate students and student groups, faculty, staff, and alumni.

How & when to apply

Complete the application found here by October 21, 2019. If you would like to explore your ideas with someone before you submit your proposal, contact the grants staff at gslg [at]

Please note: if your project has a start date prior to December 1, this may not the appropriate funding source for you as decisions and funds will not be available before that date.